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EBsensor blood glucose monitoring system

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Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Classification: Health & Beauty - Health Care Products
Product Descpription:

As one of Visgeneer’s main product lines, glucose monitoring systems are used in the daily control of diabetes by measuring the amount of sugar in the user's blood.
In a matter of seconds, the results are displayed and the user can be aware of his blood sugar levels.
Visgeneer eBsensor and eBsugar glucose meters use minimal samles of fresh fingertip capillary blood to determine sugar level, as this area is highly irrigated and thus shows a very accurate value.

* Blood Sample Volume: 2.5µl
* Measuring Time: 10 seconds
* Memory Capacity: 180 blood glucose results
* Blood Sample: Capillary Whole Blood

As for the Skin Care product, Visgeneer has utilized ‘ultra clean water’ which is purified through
nano technology provided by Industrial Technology Research Institute (total oxidizable
carbon <1 ppb; 0~5 particles greater than 0.05 μm/ml <5 particles/ml; bacteria <1
cfu/l; Metals <0.05 ppb; resistance 18.24 M.cm; 17O NMR (Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance) linewidth 58.7 Hz) as a carrier in combination of several functional plant
extracts to produce high quality skin care cosmetic products satisfying the needs of all

Visgeneer is certified in ISO9001:2000; CE; GMP; FDA 510K approval (No. K062555) and a clinical publication of our eBsensor blood glucose monitoring system.

Should you wish to receive samples for closer inspection, please feel free to contact us.

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